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I left my heart in Havana

Hello ladies and gents, Hope your week is going well. Mine is quite busy, as always, but filled with new opportunities, collabs and fashionable stuff!  Speaking about fashionable things, I'm back with a brand new outfit of the day - something super cute and if you like flower prints, then this is the look for you. I managed to combine a vintage vibe with a modern twist.  Also, I would love to introduce you to my new bag from MightyPurse ! Why is it different from the normal bags, well, it has an integrated charger for your phone :). For me that's like vital ! 

What I wore: - Zaful flower dress - Mango shirt underneath  - Gatta tights - Sigerson Morrison Joanna II velvet booties - MightyPurse bag
How do you like the look? Would it be something you're willing to try this winter ?
Thank you for visiting the blog and hope to "see" you back tomorrow xo
Kisses, R.


Hi guys, A new day is upon us and I cannot wait to part in vacation next month. Hope I'll have some wifi over there, but I think I'll just make my posts go live each day so you guys have continuous inspiration for your daily outfits ! :) Looks like I'm back with a new dressy outfit for today ...this dress is super cute for a work outfit as well as for cocktail hour ! It's what I like to call a day to night dress :) Other than that, the styling is quite simple and accessible. Btw, I braided my hair in two and kept it like that over night... I just wanted to point that out cause many of you were asking :)

What I wore: - RoseGal dress - Gatta tights - Sacha Shoes  - Blanco clutch - Guess by Marciano jacket 
Really hope you like the look, guys! I'll be back tomorrow with more xo
Kisses, R.

Back on track

Hi sweeties, Oh, I'm so happy to be back on track with a new outfit post ! It's been awhile, no? Today I finally had the courage and strength to face the cold outside and do some pics as you are used to. So, here you have today's look, a perfect one for holidays, as this dress is super chic and not to mention that the coat will keep you warm while looking fashionable.

What I wore: - Closet London dress - Gatta tights - New Look shoes - LightintheBox faux fur coat - Whiting & Davis purse

So, what do you think? Is this an awesome comeback or what? ^^ Will definitely "see" you tomorrow !
Kisses, R.

Mercedes-Benz E200 Cabrio

Hi guys, I hope your week started well. I'm more sad than happy for so many of them would be the shitty weather outside. Don't you wish it would be summer forever? Or at least having sunshine each and every day ? I had my share of sunshine while testing out the new Mercedes E200 cabrio last week. As you probably saw in my Instastories, it's one hell of a car !  It's the kind of car that would be perfect for Monte Carlo or California weather. Of course that, even though it's a convertible, you can still feel the pleasure of driving it with its top on.

This here model is the very new, 2018 ! So you can check out in exclusivity all the pics and the video that comes with.  As a coupe model, you only have two doors and the front chairs pull back and forth automatically. It's not very fun when it's raining outside though :).

I call this car "Elegance". Why ? You just have to have a look at the interior and even exterior for that matter an…


Hi guys, I know I said today I'm gonna take a day off, but I guess that someone should have hide my laptop or block me from going online again. As I don't have an outfit post, I thought I should share with you something different today. And yes, I know it stared to look like a food blog over here, but I just couldn't resist talking a bit about this awesome restaurant that I went to last week. L'Estanquet is really a restaurant that is worth mentioning and you know I don't normally do articles on the blog and I wasn't supposed to either, but I think i really deserves more visibility as the food is so amazing ! 

The French atmosphere hits you from your first step in. The red velvet chairs and sofas, the elegant white tables, the "Einstein" light bulbs; pieces to make a perfect petit resto au coin  cozy and chic !  Some of the furniture even comes from Lido, Paris. Can you guess what?

And then comes the food... What I like most about French food is the w…

Radisson Blu Hasselt

The purpose

Hi guys,
Hope you are having a sweet weekend ! Since I'm trying to rest more this weekend, I thought some more pc time wouldn't kill me :). On that note, today I'm going to share with you my experience at Radisson Blu Hasselt , a hotel I had the pleasure to stay in while doing some business over there.

The Sky Lounge 

Upon my arrival that evening, after taking a tour at the hotel's swimming pool & sauna, I was delighted to serve some tapas & drinks with a magnificent view.

The Sky Lounge bar situates itself on the last floor, brining a cozy atmosphere, awesome cocktails and a sight of the city lights that will not soon be forgotten.
It reminded me of Bangkok a bit. Btw, you don't have to be a hotel guest to take advantage of this service.

The stay

The rooms are clean and tidy. I had a big bathtub in mine that I loved so much... the bed is very comfortable and it's so hard to get up in the morning :). I would have loved to sleep more in it ! In …