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Hey guys !  The week has just started a lot better for me as a huge sale is going on at Shopbop ! But hurry, you got only 5 days in which you can have massive savings. I, personally, have Shopbop on my fave list and am even a subscriber so whenever they have a promotion, I immediately receive a mail. Oh, and not to mention that they stay updated with the latest trends and you can be informed as well. But today I wanted to let you know that the awesome sale is now live ! Pick your fave pieces and have awesome discounts. I would suggest taking a look at the new arrivals. For the brand exclusions and terms, check outthis page.
Gotta leave now, have some serious shopping to do 💃💃!

Better. Stronger.

Hi guys, I know I promised I'll be more active on my blog, but I'm just finding myself in a point where I want to get out more and take advantage of my family, friends, etc..But, I'm still doing my thang, my love for fashion will never die :). Today I'm back with a really cute outfit that I hope you'll like ! It's very simple to put together if you have the right 'ingredients'

What I wore:
- Zara vest
- Zaful shirt dress
- Kendal+Kylie boots
- Zara bag

This would be super pretty to wear even for a day date :)
What do you think?


Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Hi guys, I have this super big day in the motion today. This afternoon I need to be at a photoshoot, only this time I will be there as a stylist, not as a model, as I usually am. I really love being a stylist as well and dressing the models, doing moodboards, choosing the make-up... it's quite amazing.  When choosing the outfit, an important part is taken by accessories. Those small details that make the outfit complete and just puts it out there you know. That's why I always love picking them from great brands, some of them that you may not ever heard about!  A brand worth the mention is Jes MaHarry Jewelry. She's a jewelry designer and really keeps it out of the ordinary when it comes to creating and even presenting her pieces. The accessories are unique and handmade, you can see by the way they look that she puts a lot of passion and dedication while putting together these amazing pieces of art. 

If you look closer, you can actually feel her deep love for nature and an…

Tout donner

Hello sweeties, I'm slowly coming back from my stiff-neck problem, and today, even though the wild was blowing like crazy and it rained like 90% of the day, I've managed to shot real quick some awesome pics !  The first outfit I'd like to share with you all is quite simple, yet chic, perfect for an afternoon out in the town or going out with your girlfriends, or even for a date ! 

What I wore: - Zaful cardigan - Dresslily skirt - Joie ankle boots - River Island bag - Gatta tights 

Really hope you like the look, guys!  I'll def be back with another one tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

Kisses, R.

My swimwear for vacay

Hello sweeties, After my comeback I've been focusing more on my family and friends and I didn't have much time for the blog, sadly. Of course, I've been also a bit sick over the past few days so that too stood in the way of updating my blog daily as I was doing before. And obviously the rain was pouring like crazy this week, so not really the perfect weather to go out and shoot. I surely miss the Filipino sun and the beautiful warm sea... About that, I know most of you were wondering were I got my swimwear from. Well, in this post I'll let you know all about that ! 

Find this two piece bikini from Zaful here

This one is also from Zaful and you can find it here

The top is from Zaful and the bottom from Versace. Don't they look good together?

Wearing my bikini top from Zaful and the bottom is from Versace. Also, you can find the Zaful cover up that I used as a beach towel here, and also, the cute hat is also from Zaful and you can find it here.
So, that's it for…

It's a wrap

Hello sweeties, Yesterday I had such a full day of shooting and my flemish courses, that combined with my recent illness ( that I still have btw), drove me straight to bed. My neck is stiff and hurts like hell. I couldn't even sleep last night and I can't wait to go today to the doctor to find out what the hell I'm up against. Anyway, in a more fashionable matter, I'm back meanwhile with a new outfit post that is going to catch your attention for sure ! 

What I wore: - Romwe denim top - Zaful embroidered lamb wool coat  - New Look skirt - Kendall + Kylie boots - Botkier bag 
Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!  Hope to see you around soon xo
Kisses, R.

Spring is coming

Hi guys, Hope you had an amazing weekend. I'm slowly coming back from my leave of absence with a brand new outfit that just yells "spring promise" :). I'm wearing my amazing two piece suit from Wolf& Whistle. The cute pink blouse is also from their wonderful Spring collection, so you better have a look at what other goodies they have added for the coming season.

What I wore: - Wolf& Whistle carnations textured jacket - Wolf& Whistle faye pink bow blouse - Wolf& Whistle carnations textured trousers  - Zara shoes and bag

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys! I really do hope I'll be back on a daily basis as I was until now.
Kisses, R.

Call me Marilyn

Hi guys, A new day, a new opportunity to make something awesome, right? I'm contributing at the day's awesomeness by brining you a new outfit post ! :) I bet you'll totally love this '20/Gatsby inspired look that is quite simple to put together. I'm a bit short in text today cause I have to be ready for my NL course in only 2 hours ! 

What I wore: - Gamiss dress - Jeffrey Campbell shoes - New Look clutch - Guess fake fur coat

Really hope you like this dressy look !  I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new outfit post :)

Kisses, R.