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Sporty Monday

Hello sweeties, I'm having an awfully busy day, but I just needed a moment to breathe and update my blog while I'm at it. Since today is Halloween, I bet most of you are having the costumes ready and everything. I'm not celebrating, not having a costume this year. I just wasn't feeling that vibe...but I am however, going to have a fab evening with a couple of local bloggers, so be sure to follow me on Instastories :) Ok, so now for the big unveiling of today's outfit. It may not be very elegant and imposant, but I really do like wearing a sport comfy look from time to time. Plus, sporty looks are super popular now! My twin sporty set comes from Dresslily ! Just wait to see how I mixed it!

What I wore: - Dresslily two piece set - Minna Parikka sneakers - Mango bag
Hope you like this simple sporty look, guys! Just taking a day off from too sophisticated stuff..well, until this evening that is :D Kisses, R.

Black Sunday

Hi guys, I had a really eventful day today and closed it with a family dinner. As I'm parting this Wednesday, I thought it was the right thing to do. I like seing them all before I live cause I feel like life is so short that you don't know when it's the last time. So yeah, totally loved today.I only wished I had more time to shot some pics of my outfit ideas before I live cause I don't know how many sets I have from advance. I still have one for today thought!  It's such a stylish look combining black with white into a fab outfit. I'm wearing this long vest from Marie&Friscothat can be worn as a dress. Mixed it with my Kendall+Kylie over the knee boots and my Botkier bag. So, I'll leave you with my YouTube video and the pics:

What I wore: - Marie&Frisco long vest - Romwe sweater - Kendal+Kylie over the knee boots - Botkier bag

Hope you like the look, guys! Kisses, R.

Say it

Hey guys, So what did you do this Friday? I had a super busy day and decided to take the evening/night off. Went to my fave spot, here, next to home. I like to go out in clubs where I can feel free, where I can dance and drink, where no one is watching others how they're dressed, etc. Bref, I like to go out to have fun, not to show my wealth lol. Anyway, speaking of wealth, the outfit I have for you today is a totally affordable one. I'm wearing this cute sweater from Dressfo, alongside my cute ruffled skirt that I have for awhile now, my fab Jeffrey Campbell booties and...I'll let you discover the rest below:

What I wore: - Dressfo sweater - Zara skirt - Jeffrey Campbell booties - Bag from Thailand - Zaful necklace 

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!
Hope you'll have a fab weekend and I'll try to be back this evening with more :)


Hi guys, Starting the day off with a new outfit post over here! Ok, I woke up super late. I admit it ! Lately I seem to be having trouble sleeping...hopefully I will calm down soon cause my flight is super early in the morning next Wednesday lol. I think I'm gonna be a walking zombie . Ok, so coming back to the outfit I'm wearing today, I really love that it's quite an easy one to pull off!  So, without further ado, here's how I wore my beautifulVERYSIMPLE coat, mixed up with my Chicwish sweater, a pair of light jeans, my fab LightintheBox shoes and this awfully cutepurse from Poppy Lovers:

What I wore: - VERYSIMPLE coat with jewel button - Chicwish sweater with scarf - LightintheBox shoes - Poppy Lovers purse - Zara jeans

Thank you so much for checking out the look, guys! Hope you'll be back this evening for more xo Kisses, R.

Amore Mio

Hello sweeties, Hope your week is going well. Tomorrow actually is Friday, so I think most of you are excited for the weekend. I'll be working like a crazy person until the 2nd when I'll be leaving for a week !  Not to worry though, I'll be still updating the blog, I'll be still posting new fab pics and everything !  But until then, I'm back with a new outfit post for today ! I'm wearing this two piece set from Gamiss, in denim, with embroidery - my fave! I've done a really cute look, with feminine colors. Just fab ! I'll let you check out the vid and my pics:

What I wore: - Gamiss denim two piece set - Bershka blouse - Zara bag - Sacha booties

Thank you for checking out the blog, guys! Really hope you like it! Kisses, R.


Hey guys, So to start the day off, I figured I should maybe post an update on my Discovery Box that I have from Reload. I posted something on Instagram awhile ago and since I allowed myself some time to get over all of the fragrances and everything, I thought I should tell you my opinion. So, the box is quite nice, very fancy looking. I totally love the mini version and the fact that it's easy to carry around with you. I must admit that, personally, I didn't quite find the perfumes to be in my style, but that's very subjective as we all have different tastes in perfumes. I'm a more floral/sweet kinda person ( that's also debatable lol). I must also add that the fragrances are very durable, so you will "wear" them all day.

If I wore to choose though, I think the Berlin fragrance could be the one I like the most from the box. And yes, there are also refills of other famous parfume brands like Boss and Givenchy - yey! Reload is available atICI PARIS XL in ca…