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Happy New Year - 2017 !

Hello sweeties, I just wanted to step in and wish you all a Happy New Year just before the whole craziness will start ! I hope you'll have a fabulous year, full of accomplishments and good vibes !  For me, I wish that 2017 will be at least as nice as 2016, I hope I can travel more, take care of myself more and be a good girlfriend 👼 And for tonight, keep the celebrations going🎉🎉🎈 💣💣

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Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, Hope you're all set for tomorrow ! 2017 is just one day away and I'm so excited for the year to come.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to take care of myself more. I'm slowly aging and it's beginning to show, so I really have to find a way to preserve my youth. I know it sound a bit narcissistic, but we all want that, I'm just writing down our thoughts. 💘 Moreover, I've just stumbled upon a very luxurious skincare brand that I'm just mesmerized with and I would love to try everything, from all theOROGOLD Cosmeticscollections. For today, I'm reviewing the24K Nano Collection.

What will you receive in taking the complete set ? Well, you have: - The 24K Nano Day Recovery Cream ( personal fave, for every day use) - The 24K Nano Night Recovery Cream ( a rich formula that helps you have a healthy glow in the morning) - The 24K Ultra Silk Serum ( the thing your skin needs to look healthier and younger) - The 24K Nano Silk Mask ( keywords: h…


No, it's not the Antonio Banderas version, it's the Rihanna versionthat I love so much ! I just can't stop listening to this song lately :). Ok, I have a new outfit post as well too ! My boyfriend told me I'm missing my whip lol. I don't feel my look is that rough. I really love how the corset went with the shirt ! Don't you?  Check out what I'm wearing below: 

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers shirt  - Zaful corset - Morgan de Toi pants - Zara shoes - Mango bag

Really hope you like my daring mix ! I wanted to add a pop of color with the bag, but I feel it's not very right in this combo. I'm like 50/50 - what do you think?
Kisses, R.

Life of the party

Hello sweeties, I'm back with a new outfit post for which I'm super excited as I'm so in love with this look! I'll let you check out what you can wear in going out with your better half.

What I wore: - Tidebuy dress - Zaful coat - Mango shoes - Gatta tights - Zara bag

Really hope you like the look, sweeties !

In Bari

Hi guys,
I thought I should probably tell you all about my last trip to Bari, Italy. I always get carried away with  stuff and forget to actually do a blogpost on my trips. I think it's quite nice to hear opinions from people who travel and maybe discover new places. Now I may tend to do the article from a very personal point of view, so don't be scared lol. As you all probably know, I went there for my 27th birthday. I didn't want to stay in a hotel, first off because they were so expensive and I didn't see the reason why we should spend a lot of money over there because, let's face it, it's not an exotic island or something. For me, all the cites in Europe are nice, but a bit too pricey for what they have to offer, especially hors season. I was very happy to find a really nice place via Airbnb, def nicer than one of the hotels I was looking at.

The celling art was amazing and I'm so happy to have discovered such a fab setting, so close to the city center…

When times end..

Hi guys, Today was such a lovely day... I had a few hours free in the afternoon so I went to see the city lights and delighted myself in spending time with my better half. 💑 What did you do today?  Other than that, I would like to show you a super cute look, just perfect to go on a date (ok, for this season, you should add a warm jacket as well).  Don't forget to check out what I'm wearing which is written below the pics:

What I wore: - Zaful chocker sweater - Zara jeans - Splendid boots found at Shopbop - RoseGal bag

Really hope you like my look, sweeties !  I'll be back with more tomorrow xo
Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties,  I'm back today with another lovely look. I'm kinda feelin' a bit tired and under the weather so I'll cut right to the chase... I know most of you started work today, so I'll still be "jolly" and share with you a seasonal ludic kinda outfit, not for work, of course, but totally cute for going out in the snow ( no snow here though). Just check below what I'm wearing:

What I wore: - RoseGal snowflake leggings  - Dressy Star poncho sweater - Rebecca Minkoff wedges available at Shopbop - Forever21 bag

Really hope you like the look, guys !
I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new look