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It's all in the details

Hi guys, I'm so excited ! The sales are starting tomorrow and I'm dedicating tonight to do a clean-up in my closet so that I can make some room for the new buys. Fashion should totally be affordable and I don't know about you, but I think Zara has totally exaggerated with prices lately so it's beginning to be that kind of brand that I rather wait for it to go on sale so that I can buy something :/ . Sure, I have a shoe crush here and there, but honestly, when I first got here in Belgium it wasn't that expensive and for instance Mango was way on top. Not it's the vice versa...funny how thing change.. Anyway, enough talk and let's get down to "business" ! My "business" is showing you what a delightful comfy outfit I have set up for you today. Now I know most of you aren't very comfortable showing some leg even if it's summer, so the best way to go is a maxi dress (or skirt) cause pants, let's face it, are a bit too much for a …

My secret garden

Hi guys, I absolutely love summertime and I couldn't be happier cause the weather is fabulous here in Belgium; no more rain, no more's like a dream come true ! :) Often I go out for a little walk in the evening, and the fact that you can catch the sun setting makes it a perfect opportunity to take some photos as well. Yesterday I wore this amazing skirt from Chicwish, having a pastel perfect look with some beautiful flower print on the skirt. All in all, a lovely soft look that I'm sure you'll love ! 

What I wore: - Chicwish skirt ( find it here) - Bershka corset - Zara sandals and clutch

Really hope you like the look and can't wait to come back with another styling suggestion tomorrow! <3 `Thank you for visiting the blog ! Kisses, R.

Do this all day

Hello lovelies, Oh, yeah, you must be so sick of my boho looks, but I just can't help myself ! This awesome dress from ZNU is e personal favorite for this season. Just wait and see what amazing style I was able to pull off using it ! I also had a lot of awesome accessories, like this Jade hair chain from Irresistible Me ! A perfect set of heels (from Zara) and you're good to go ! <3

What I wore: - Znu dress (find it here) - Zara heels and bag - Irresistible Me headband ( find it here) - Hipanema tattoos ( from Lili Shopping )
Hope you like the look at least as much as I do !  Also, don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY ! It ends tomorrow !! 

Within Temptation

Hi guys, If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you must know that the baby bird died today :'(. He refused to eat regardless of my big efforts...Hope he's happy in bird heaven !  On the other side, the living one, well, as it's the weekend and everything, I really wanted to do a special look. And because my music playlist shuffled right on an old song I love so much from The Vampire Diaries, I remembered that magic moment and the way Elena was all dressed up for the bal. Well, it happens that I have a really dressy look for you today as well, featuring this cute long dress from CNDirect.  Hope you like the song & the look, the hair and the ambiance:

What I wore: - CNDirect dress ( find it here) - Zara sandals - New Look clutch 

So, guess this is the look for today ! <3 Hope you guys like it and "see" you tomorrow! Oh, don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY :

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Heart of an amazon

Hello lovely lovely readers, Probably most of you are sleeping or maybe out for the night. Me? I just couldn't go to bed without sharing with you a great look I "cooked " up today :). Now, WARNING!, this is only for the sexy people out there ! It's fashion with a dare.  This dress from Style Moi is just so sexy and cool, really making me feel like an amazon. Beautiful and daring ! To increase the wild part, I added several flash tattoos also from Style Moi and the one on my back is theLady design from TattooYou. What more for a femme fatale look? Well, my beautifulponytail from Irresistible Me

What I wore: - Style Moi dress ( find it here) - Gucci sandals - Sfera clutch - Style Moi necklace ( find it here) - Irresistible Me ponytail  - Tattoo You Lady temporary tattoo ( find it here)
I really do hope you like the look and don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY ! Win some awesome flash tattoos ! Just click on the photo below: