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Listen to the sound of Fashion

Hello, my dears! An excellent day here in Brussels and even though weather didn't seem to be much of an ally, people seem to be always moving and even starting their Christmas shopping! I'm part of the lucky few who will spend some days away from the nasty weather and speaking of which, my departure is on Sunday morning, so I still have lots and lots to do. That being said, I live you with today's outfit...something I put together real quick, the masterpiece being of course, this cute hat that I got a while ago from Claire's shop.

What I wore: - Zara heels - Morgan de Toi pants - Bershka sweater - Zara jacket - Forever 21 bag - Persun Mall earrings ( find them here )
Absolutely loving this unique earrings from PersunMall... definitely a statement !

White Dream

Hello, my sweeties! Seems like the week passes little by little and I, for once, can't wait for the weekend. Sunday I'm leaving for a couple of days and that will be my winter vacation :). Anyway, speaking of winter, here you have an outfit that really screams "snow" hehe Enjoy! **

What I wore:- Very Simple coat - Zara pants- Bershka top- New Look envelope bag- H&M wedges- Prada minimal baroque sunglasses  So, this is my look for today. Sorry for publishing it so late in the day, but I was super busy with the household.. yes, I do my chores as well :)

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Kitty Kat.

Hi, guys! I had such an awful day... same trouble with delivery services. I swear the post office works better than DHL, FedEx or Ups. Today my trouble was with UPS.. I even came out with a motto: UPS, FedEx, DHL you can all go to hell!!! I didn't want to get upset, but jezz.. when you see such incompetent people, you just can't refrain from losing it!  Anyway, I will calm down eventually... Looking at the fashionable side of the action, here's the outfit in which I "battled" myself today. Something casual, yet cute and so in vogue, animal print being a top trend this season.

What I wore: - Zara booties, bag and pants - Morgan de Toi jacket - Wholesale CelebShadessunnies
I know I look as if I'm pregnant, but I saw after that the thick scarf was to big and the jacket didn't quite covered it up good... :) Before I forget, do join the GIVEAWAY !!
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Pure Happiness

Hello, my loves! Yesterday I took a day of to just relax... I spent most of my day at home watching movies and planning my trips. I did, though, go out a little as I couldn't resist missing a non-rain day (they are very rare here in Belgium), but mostly I wanted a chance to wear my beautiful necklace from Happiness Boutique that you probably already saw on my Instagram ( if you are following me there that is).  The fact that it came in a beautiful wrap really made my day. I so love it when brands put a little heart into everything their product stands for! That was definitely a big plus might I say.  So I made a new ootd that I would like to share with you, guys. :)

What I wore: - 2dayslook skirt - Zara blouse - Guess by Marciano coat - Zara shoes - Happiness Boutique necklace ( find it here ) - Blanco clutch - DIY Moschino belt
This necklace is absolutely stunning and not to mention very well done. The quality is simply amazing. For the price, I think it's definitely a must in having a s…

Dash of Pink.

Hello, sweeties! Hope your week was wonderful and that the weekend will be so much better! I'm awfully busy with my departure and the one after that..I barely find time for myself. The weather isn't helping as well you know... Anyway, just wanted to share with you today's outfit. Something so cute, especially for pink lovers, that I wore while going shopping a little. I found the most extraordinary nail polish, that I will be sharing on Instagram these days hopefully :). I received the other day this wonderful soft pink dress from Inlovewithfashion, a lovely store from the UK that has such cool clothing and for whom I'm hosting a Giveaway that hopefully you will join ^^. 

What I wore: - Inlovewithfashion dress ( find it here ) - Bershka boots - SheInsidecoat - Zara purse - Pretty Purple Boutiqueshoe brooch
This dress is soooo nice. I don't know if the photos reveal its true color, but I swear it's like looking at pink candy. I think it's perfect even for this season,…

Time for Casual

Well, more or less .. :) Hi, guys! I'm so not loving this temperature... It's freezing outside and even had a little snow two days ago, so I was kinda of an ice cube when I shoot this photos. I just couldn't abstain myself from wearing this cool blazer from Vateno, a cool online boutique with awesome clothes, and very affordable prices might I add. ^^ I really like the print on this blazer and it's perfect as well for the upcoming season!

What I wore: - Vateno blazer ( find it here ) - Zara jeans - H&M envelope bag - Mango top - Zara shoes - Pretty Purple Boutiqueshoe-clips
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Kisses, R.