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So here I am, back home again and with lots of fun memories from my trip to Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza!
As I already posted some pictures from Mallorca, I also wanted to post some from Ibiza. I went there just for the weekend hoping to visit as much as possible of the island's landscapes.
I went to many places like San Antonio , Eivissa , Es Canar.. etc where the color of the water differs from a beach to another!
I stayed in a Hotel in Es Canar witch was really nice ! You also have a port there where a boat to Formentera leaves everyday so you can also visit that famous island where lots of celebrities go there for the amazing beaches.
So here you have some photos that I took on my trip :)

I bought a lot of things from the islands.. like the Zara blouse and shorts, Blanco flats I am wearing :).
The bag I had it from Morgan de Toi that I really love and of course my Prada sunglasses ..
I already miss those wonderful landscapes, warm water , hot sun and of course, the many stores …

Give me wings

Hy guys! I'm back home ...the vacation is over and I am back to my daily routines, my blog, my life :)
So this is a quick post of today's outfit.It's something simple, sport and comfortable, all together with my Jeremy Scott wings witch I adore!

What I wore: - Paris Hilton jacket - Bershka jeans - Jeremy Scott wings for Adidas  - DKNY watch

So here it is first post after my vacation. I just wore this outfit going out for pizza :) so no need to over do it,right ?
I'll get back to you soon with my vacation review :D

In Ibiza

Hey sweets!
Just wanted to say hy and to thank you for your best wishes! I'm now in Ibiza..the island that never sleeps..guess the vacation is passing really quick and before I know it I'll be back home.
Here is the only photo I took today here with my phone!
I wish you a great weekend!

Palma De Mallorca

Hey there guys! I am currently on vacation and I must say..I've seen so many great spots here on the island!
Just wanted to do a quick post with some landscapes ..I'm speechless..

Lovely, isn't it? I found also a starfish ..I let it go, don't worry ! :)
I'll try to keep you updated.. But 'till next time ..I wish you a great week!

Fashion made easy

Hey, sweets !So as you are reading this, I'm already parted on my vacation !
The most important thing for me is that I got away from all those rainy days and the rush of the city!
So here is some dresses I highly recommend for summer!
I think they are so gorgeous and affordable ^^

Only 16.99$ You can buy it here
This one is 30.99 $ If you want a closer look or interested in buying click here
35.99 $ More infos HERE

It's a new online store that doesn't have very many dresses so you'll be more..unique to say so! :) They ship worldwide and you have some reductions as well with the help of some coupons you receive at registration!  I think all the dresses are cute, but I made my top 3!  I'm thinking on buying the floral one's perfect for the summer, don't you think so? This is how I would style it :)
Thank you for viewing my blog and hope I will have your thoughts .I will continue posting even though I am here ( I have them scheduled ;) ), so stay tu…

Vintage Reloaded

Hy, guys! Hope your weekend was nice and you have enjoyed it to the fullest !
Today's post is something more different :)

What I wore: - Vintage shirt - Forever 21 heels - Vintage belt - Mango shorts - Zara denim shirt - Dolce Gabbana sunglasses - Vintage necklace and Cartier watch
So I don't know if I did a good job or no, but I sure had fun doing my post for today :)
I found a vintage Cartier  watch and I fell in love with it ever since I saw it :x:x:x
Lots of kisses,

OOTD : Checkmate !

Hey sweets! So today I went to pick up some stuff that I need for my departure. I still don't have everything ready,but "petit à petit" I'll have everything till Tuesday !
So here is something I mixed together really quick! Something comfortable and suitable with the's a bit chilly.. ich.. can't wait to see the sun all day long and feel its heat ! :)

What I wore: - Bershka jeans - Morgan de Toi flats - Primadonna clutch - Jennyfer shirt - Vintage necklace - Massimo Dutti bracelet 
So I hope you like my post and I have just a few days left.. But I'll try to keep you guys updated from there

-Casual Friday-

Hey, guys!
So first of all I'm so happy that I've been featured on a great fashion site
The article is so great! Scarlett is such a inspiring person ..she writes from her heart and it left me simply speechless today when I saw the site.
Anyways, here is my outfit of the day - I'm so happy that I finally got a new camera ,especially since I'll be parting soon on my trip. The other camera is not fixed yet, but as soon as it will be fixed, I'm gonna sell it with all its gear.
So here is the outfit of the day, something casual ..a perfect look for street style might I add!

What I wore: - H&M blazer - F21 corset - H&M bra - Zara heels - Pull & Bear clutch 

So I hope you enjoyed my post and don't forget to check out great deals on my page :)

OOTD :C'est la Vie mon Chéri !

Hello sweets!
So I have time for a really quick outfit post !
I found this cool top at Mango and it really got to me ^^
P.S. So sorry for the horrifying photo quality :(!!
My camera isn't fixed yet... I'm so furious!

What I wore : - Mango top - Mango short - H&M tights - Zara heels - Morgan de toi clutch
So gotta go now!
Hope you liked my post and don't forget to check amazing deals on my page!!

OOTD : Unexpected Superposition

Hey,guys !
So today I am trying something very new! I don't know if I'm setting a trend or anything,but today I had absolutely no idea what to wear and the weirdest thought went through my mind! You know when we always put a sweater on a shirt to make it look cool ..well I thought that what if we can do that with skirts for instance?
So I have this pretty turquoise dress and I managed to match it with a floral skirt I had.
This is what came out

What I wore : - F21 dress - Jennyfer skirt - F21 net tights  - Steve Madden wedges - F21 jewelry 
So I don't know if I succeeded or fail with this little experiment of mine!
I'd like to hear what you think!! :)